Adam Kadmon and the Evolution: Georges Van Vrekhem: DVD-Video

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Adam Kadmon and the Evolution: Georges Van Vrekhem: DVD-Video

Sri Aurobindo and the Mother have talked about the "archetype" as the idea of terrestrial evolution (which is also the origin of the four varnas). The Mother has seen it and talked about it to Sri Aurobindo, who confirmed her vision. Mystics in the past have seen the same, and some of them, in the Gnostic tradition, have called the archetype Adam Kadmon.

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Several of the main esoteric and occult movements in East and West had the experience of a kind of "archetype" of the human being. In Neo-Platonism it was called the meganthropos, in Gnosticism Adamas, in the Kabbalah Adam Kadmon, the primordial man.

We find the same presence of a divine archetype in Vedanta. It is from this form at the origin of the manifestation, writes Sri Aurobindo, that the four varnas came forth, structuring the four main aspects of the human being and through it of the social order.

The Mother had perceived this primordial man during her occult explorations with Mr and Mrs Théon at the beginning of the 20th century. When afterwards she talked about it to Sri Aurobindo, he confirmed her experience.

This occult and spiritual fact is of immense importance for the interpretation of the evolution of life on Earth. It is fascinating how the species from the first reproductive cells gradually evolved into four-limbed beings, resulting in the human shape. This shape, far from being coincidental as held by the scientific materialism of the biological sciences, seems to be determined by the supramental form called Adamas or Adam Kadmon at the origin and at the end of the great adventure of Life.

Adam Kadmon and the Evolution: Georges Van Vrekhem: DVD-Video
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Produced by Wisdom-Splendour

Made in Auroville, India, 2010

Language - English, Duration - 80min, NTSC DVD / PAL DVD

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  • Format - DVD-Video
  • Video System - PAL
  • Disk - 1
  • Duration - 78min
  • Produced by - Wisdom-Splendour, Auroville Universal City
  • Year - 2010
  • Language - English


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