The Mother and Flowers: Richard Pearson: DVD-Video

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The Mother and Flowers: Richard Pearson: DVD-Video

In this talk Richard shares his experiences of his association with The Mother, how significances of flowers started to evolve and about the work that underwent in bringing out the book "Flowers and Their Messages" under the guidance of the Mother.

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Flowers bring with them the smile of the Divine.

- The Mother

An extract from the article was first published in the Collaboration journal (Aug 2009).

When I first came to the Ashram what used to strike me most when we went "up" and entered one by one — whether department head or us children — was the array of flowers of all kinds arranged in trays or in vases on a shelf at the entrance of the Salon. The Mother would receive us just inside the open door at the top of the staircase that led from the Meditation Hall. This door is just opposite the door that sadhaks and visitors use nowadays for Darshan or to go to Sri Aurobindo's Room.

When we were in Her Presence, She would often choose a flower from a tray held for Her by Lakshmi, the "Queen of Roses" as the Mother called her — often not even looking at the tray but picking the flower while smiling and looking intently into our eyes . . . deep, so very deep!

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Sri Aurobindo has reportedly written that "There are three ways of blessing of the Mother: by sight, by touch and through flowers. And it is through flowers that Her blessings are most effective."

The Mother and Flowers: Richard Pearson: DVD-Video
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