The Journey of Love: Dr Alok Pandey: AudioCD

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The Journey of Love: Dr Alok Pandey: AudioCD

The third Dr M. V. Nadkarni Memorial Lecture given by Dr Alok Pandey at Savitri Bhavan on August 23 2012

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It has been a joy to have been associated with Dr Mangesh Nadkarni in more than one way. We have been together on a number of occasions in the context of our common love and work for Sri Aurobindo. But the most intimate of all links has been through Savitri, the Sun-Word, the Light Supreme. I therefore consider it an honour and a privilege to be called upon to deliver a memorial lecture that has been initiated in his name.

Savitri, the epic of the human soul, is an epic of the soul’s adventure through Time and Space where it must battle with countless forces and harmonise with diverse elements of creation to arrive at its high goal. In this great adventure Love and Death walk by its side; Death as the shadow of our bygone past that keeps calling us backwards and thereby resists our advance towards the Light Supreme and Love, as the light that leads linking our abysses to the supreme heights. Death divides, Love unites. Death creates a gulf between who we are in Reality and who we perceive ourselves to be. Death divides us from our own Integral Truth, creating a gulf between God and creation, Soul and Nature, Spirit and Matter. Love rejoins what now is parted. It rejoins man to the cosmos and the cosmos to the Divine Reality that it shadows. This is the inner war, the inner side of our human story and its journey from Darkness to Light, from Death to Immortality.

As we thus journey along, everything evolves and emerges out of the shadows and assuming different shades of consciousness eventually assumes back its true divine status. The most significant of these is the power of Love that passing from the animal man to a diviner humanity rests now at the human stage wherein the demigod and the beast mix and mingle their strains only to be eventually redeemed and transformed. In one sense, Savitri is not one story but many stories that express the One. It is like a divine concert where many master artists come together to express a divine concord. Themes and sub-themes are interwoven with such a mastery and ease as only the One Infinite Divine can do. But of all these themes, the most fascinating of all and the one that runs through and through the fabric of this Divine Song is the theme of Love. Indeed Savitri is the very embodiment of this highest form of Love that unites with the human elements only to uplift and transmute them by Her divine Touch. As is beautifully summarised in Book 12:

All now is changed, yet all is still the same.
Lo, we have looked upon the face of God,
Our life has opened with divinity.
We have borne identity with the Supreme
And known his meaning in our mortal lives.
Our love has grown greater by that mighty touch
And learned its heavenly significance,
Yet nothing is lost of mortal love’s delight.
Heaven’s touch fulfils but cancels not our earth

It is a Grace to come together in our common love for Savitri and to share few intimate moments to dive deep into the flame of Love that Savitri brings to Earth and men.

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  • Format - AudioCD
  • Disk - 1
  • Duration - 77min
  • Produced by - Wisdom-Splendour, Auroville Universal City
  • Year - 2014
  • Language - English


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