Hibiscus: Auroville: Photographs: Prints

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Hibiscus: Auroville: Photographs: Prints

Supramental love means an intense unity of soul with soul, mind with mind, life with life and an entire flooding of the body consciousness with the physical experience of oneness, the presence of the Beloved in every part, in every cell of the body.

Sri Aurobindo

Beauty of Supramental love (Flower of Auroville)
It invites us to live at its height

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There in the supramental Gnosis is the fulfilment, the culminating height, the all-embracing extent of the inner adoration, the profound and integral union, the flaming wings of Love upbearing the power and joy of a supreme Knowledge. For supramental Love brings an active ecstasy that surpasses the void passive peace and stillness which is the heaven of the liberated Mind and does not betray the deeper greater calm which is the beginning of the supramental silence. The unity of a love which is able to include in itself all differences without being diminished or abrogated by their present limitations and apparent dissonances is raised to its full potentiality on the supramental level. For there an intense oneness with all creatures founded on a profound oneness of the soul with the Divine can harmonise with a play of relations that only makes the oneness more perfect and absolute. The power of love supramentalised can take hold of all living relations without hesitation or danger and turn them God-wards delivered from their crude, mixed and petty human settings and sublimated into the happy material of a divine life. For it is the very nature of the supramental experience that it can perpetuate the play of difference without forfeiting or in the least diminishing either the divine union or the infinite oneness. For a supramentalised consciousness it would be utterly possible to embrace all contacts with men and the world in a purified flame-force and with a transfigured significance, because the soul would then perceive always as the object of all emotion and all seeking for love or beauty the One Eternal and could spiritually use a wide and liberated life-urge to meet and join with that One Divine in all things and all creatures.


Hibiscus rosa-sinensis
Chinese hibiscus, Hawaiian hibiscus, Rose-of-China
Large single salmon pink flower with broadly overlapping rounded petals, a small pink centre and a pale pink aura.


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Produced by Wisdom-Splendour
Made in Auroville, India, 2011
High Quality Photograph Prints
100% accurate and consistent colour
Kodak Royal and Kodak Endura paper


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