Your terms and conditions of use

Registration of New Users

A user must register and sign in before making a purchase at Wisdom-Splendour e-store. New users can register at the e-store system by clicking "Log in" in the main page. After all the required data is entered, an e-mail containing sign-in details and other neccesary information will be sent to the user. In order to sign in users must enter their username and password into the "Sign in" section. If goods are selected prior to signing in, these goods will automatically be transferred into the user's shopping cart after the user signs in. However, if the website is exited without having signed in, the contents of the shopping cart are lost.

Ordering Goods

After the following steps:
1. select a currency according to your address.
- INR for India only,
- USD, EUR, GBP for International shipping
2. collecting relevant goods in shopping cart
3. selecting the manner of the delivery of goods
4. selecting the method of payment for the goods
5. order approval
The user will receive an e-mail confirmation about the order.

Payment Terms

To pay for your items one of the following methods may be used:
- payment by bank transfer;
- payment through PayPal (PayPal, credit cards, etc. for USD, EUR and GBP. It does not support INR);
- payment by bank cheque or demand draft;
After the reception by a user of an e-mail notification about the booking of goods and about their preparation for shipment, the user must pay for the order using one of the options above within 2 business days.

Returns and cancellation

All goods purchased from Wisdom-Splendour are coved by a full warranty. Generally speaking, warranties cover manufacturing faults and defects but do not cover damage caused by crashing, abuse, general wear and tear etc. If you feel that the product you have purchased from Wisdom-Splendour has developed a fault then please contact us before returning goods as many problems may be solved without you incurring postage costs.
Cooling-off period - during 7 working days after receiving the goods purchased from Wisdom-Splendour can be returned.
If you want to cancel your order then please contact us first.

Return and cancellation
+91 (0)413 2622 963
or by email:
wisdomsplendour [at] auroville [dot] org [dot] in
Return address:
Courage Community
Auroville - 605101
Tamil Nadu, India