Flowers of Supramental: single cards

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Flowers of Supramental: single cards

Flowers of Supramental

nine single cards

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Flowers of Supramental: a set of eight cards

Flowers are the moment’s representations of things that are in themselves eternal.

Sri Aurobindo

Flowers of Supramental
• Effective Power of the Supermind
All-powerful, it imposes itself on all in the certitude of its knowledge.
• Beauty of Supramental Love
It invites us to learn to live at its height.
• Response of the Physical Mind to the Supramental Light
The physical mind eager to understand and be transformed.
• Supramental Light in the Sex Centre
It is the assurance of the coming conquests of desires.
• Awakening of the first Response of the Nature to the Supramental Manifestation
Interested, she opens herself and tries to understand.
• Supramental Consciousness
Gloriously awake and powerful. Luminous, sure of itself, infallible in its movements.
• Supramentalised Psychic Activity
Luminous, manifold, balanced, it meets all needs.
• Supramentalised Plasticity
One of the stages on the way to transformation.

Cards: 8 + 1 information card
Dimensions (in cms): 16x11
Offset Print on Mirror Coated Board 300gsm with neutral varnish
Publisher: Wisdom-Splendour, Auroville Universal City
larger prints are available on request.


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