Flowers of Auroville: Flower Calendar 2013

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Flowers of Auroville: Flower Calendar 2013

Flowers are the moment’s representations of things that are in themselves eternal.

Sri Aurobindo

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About the Flower Calendar 2013

This is the second calendar of the series on flowers.

Most of the flowers chosen for this calendar have a new creation meaning in their spiritual names.


One may feel within oneself the touch, the approach of something positively beautiful and true, and willingly drop all the rest so that nothing may burden the journey to this new beauty and truth.
The Mother


There are people who love adventure. It is these I call, and I tell them this: "I invite you to the great adventure."

It is not a question of repeating spiritually what others have done before us, for our adventure begins beyond that. It is a question of a new creation, entirely new, with all the unforeseen events, the risks, the hazards it entails — a real adventure whose goal is certain victory, but whose road is unknown and must be traced out step by step in the unexplored. Something that has never been in this present universe and that will never again be in the same way. If that interests you . . . well, let us embark. What will happen to you tomorrow, I don't know.
The Mother


This wire-bound, standing desk calendar displaying high quality photographs of flowers, with relevant quotations selected from the writings of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, is a fine addition to your home or workplace.

Desktop Calendar
Dimensions (in cms): 21x19
Pages: 30
Publisher: Wisdom-Splendour, a unit of Auroville


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