Flower Bookmark: twenty three different bookmarks

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Flower Bookmark: twenty three different bookmarks

Flower Bookmark

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Flower Bookmarks: twenty three different bookmarks

One may feel within oneself the touch, the approach of something positively beautiful and true, and willingly drop all the rest so that nothing may burden the journey to this new beauty and truth.

The Mother

#001 - Aditi - the Divine Consciousness
Pure, immaculate, gloriously powerful.
#002 - Avatar - the Supreme Manifested in a Body upon Earth
The red lotus is Sri Aurobindo’s flower.
#013 - Divine Smile
We can contemplate the smiles of the Divine when we have conquered our ego.
#014 - Sri Aurobindo’s Compassion
Innumerable, ever present, and effective in every instance.
#030 - Physical Protection
Is possible only with a total surrender to the Divine and the absence of all desire.
#048 - New Creation
Strong, lasting and fragrant, it rises straight towards the sky.
#066 - Vital Attachment
Manifold and abundant in its multiplicity.
#078 - Friendship with the Divine
Delicate, attentive and faithful, always ready to respond to the slightest request.
#190 - Concentration
Does not aim at effect, but is simple and persistent.
#199 - Renunciation of Vital Desires
It has understood the futility of desires.
#328 - Happy Heart
Smiling, peaceful, radiant, without a shadow.
#402 - Supramentalised Plasticity
One of the stages on the way to transformation.
#508 - Integral Immortality
It is a promise; when will it be a material fact?
#552 - Emotional Wealth
The only true emotional wealth is love for the Divine.
#610 - Dynamic Power
Indispensable for progress.
#635 - Supramental Artistic Genius
It blossoms in the light and knows how to manifest it.
#641 - Supramental Sun
We aspire that its rays may illumine and transform us.
#799 - Physical Consciousness Turned Entirely Towards the Divine
It thirsts for the Divine and wants nothing but Him.
#877 - Silver
Manifold and white, it aspires for spirituality.
#893 - Krishna’s Light in the Subconscient
Soon it will no longer be Subconscient.
#894 - Krishna’s Play in the Vital
In His midst it has all its charm.
#896 - Krishna’s Play in Matter
Beamy, love and joy are His companions. A play that widens and makes us progress.
#898 - Krishna’s Ananda
Manifold and abundant and so full of charm.

Data sheet

  • Bookmarks - Flower bookmark
  • Dimensions - 5x18cms
  • Print - Offset print on Mirror Coated Board 300gsm with Glossy lamination
  • Publisher - Wisdom-Splendour, Auroville Universal City
  • Year - 2013
  • Language - English


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