Sraddhalu Ranade: Introduction to Integral Education: MP3 Audio

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Sraddhalu Ranade: Introduction to Integral Education: MP3 Audio

This MP3 disk is based on a series of three-day teacher-training workshops on Integral Education conducted all over India over a span of several years. It is an attempt to communicate whatever is possible on the content, mood and intensity of the major elements of these interactions.

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Sraddhalu Ranade: Introduction to Integral Education: MP3 Audio

The aim of these workshops was not so much to discuss different techniques of education, but rather to lead participants into a radically different way of experiencing education and our role in it as teachers and parents — and gradually even to awaken or grow into a new attitude to the whole of life itself, for the two are inseparably bound. And from this new state of being, we will discover that the right techniques and methodologies naturally flow from us, and all that we may have learnt over the years from specialized training sessions will naturally fall into place in a wide, embracing and spontaneous harmony.

The discussions in this MP3 disk are broadly organised in four sections. The first lays down the foundations of the new approach, the principles around which it is organised, the different elements involved, and the resultant reshaping of the entire framework of education. The second section explores strategies that can act as natural bridges taking us across from the mindset and practices of the old world into the new approach of Integral Education. The third section builds on this foundation and takes up themes and explores ways of applying them in the classroom even when we are still working within the constrains of the existing system of education. And finally the fourth section brings us to the key to all change: ourselves. It dwells on the various kinds of inner and outer changes that we need to bring about within ourselves as teachers and parents, and some methods and insights to help catalyse these changes.

Audio CD - MP3 files, Duration - 6h 30min, Produced: 2007,
Language - English, 
Produced by Wisdom-Splendour,
a Unit of Auroville - 605101, Tamil Nadu, India,

PART 1 - The Foundations of Integral Education

01. The larger context of the world situation
02. The five parts of the being
03. The industrial age of education
04. Every child is a soul in evolution
05. The five elements of education
06. Ether, the environment
07. Nothing can be taught
08. The insatiable curiosity
09. Spontaneous imitation
10. The mind must be consulted in its growth
11. Three types of learners
12. Four basic temperaments of the psychology
13. From the near to the far
14. Sequencing your presentation
15. Using Subjects as a Window
16. How the brain learns
17. Chanting Om
18. Awakening creativity
19. The relationship with the child
20. Identification
21. The fire of knowledge
22. Water, the teacher
23. The earth, the child
24. The faculty of observation
25. Layers of the mind
26. The left and the right brain
27. Musical, logical, linguistic and spatial intelligence
28. Kinaesthetic intelligence
29. Intrapersonal and interpersonal intelligence
30. The emotions
31. Refinement of the emotions
32. Modern society
33. The life energy
34. Training of the body
35. Concentration and will-power
36. Developing concentration
37. Developing will-power
38. Developing memory
39. The psychic
40. Integral education
41. India's ideal
42. Actualizing the ideal
Total time 3h 15min

PART 2 - Towards the New Education

01. Three kind of briges
02. Involvement of children
03. Morning assembly
04. The arrangement of the classroom
05. The curriculum
06. Examples from Indian tradition
07. Development of faculties
08. Purification of the nervous channels
09. Leading into questions
10. The inner touch
11. Duration of the class
12. The ideal ration of students
13. Resource centre
14. Field trips
15. Evaluation
16. Self-evaluation
17. Teacher's meetings
18. Meeting with parents
19. Regular workshops
Total time 1h 10min

PART 3 - Inculcating Discipline, Working with Older Students

01. Awakening to the inner sensitivities
02. Four ways to handle behaviour problems
03. Key to discipline
04. Distinguishing the child from his behaviour
05. Shaping behaviour
06. Making rules
07. Culture of the school
08. Who am I?
09. Trust and energy
10. Engage the mind
11. Life as an adventure
12. Stress and detachment
13. The competitive instinct
Total time 57min

PART 4 - Preparing Ourselves as Teachers

01. Knowing ourselves
02. Training the mind
03. The mind is like a monkey
04. How to still the mind
05. Will
06. Detachment
07. Breath
08. Peace
09. Brining down peace (guided meditation)
10. Ashtavadhanam
11. Swimming in an ocean of energy
12. Drawing in life energy (guided meditation)
13. Love
14. Identification
15. Love of knowledge
16. Purpose and self-confidence
17. Humility
18. Reassessing oneself
19. Bringing forward the real "I"
20. Yoga
Total time 1h 07min


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